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Wedding films

Do you want more informations about my wedding films ?

What I think about wedding films

For 10 years, I shoot lovers for their wedding day but mostly the joy of their family and friends who lived this moment together.

One day ... One and only day since a year of preparations, and within all that you could imagine, there is this few magic moments, this few seconds full of love, this timeless moments which make a simple "Yes, I do" in an explosion of joy and emotions !

Let me capture this day when tears live with laughs, where love is all about, but first of all, when two lovers become a family ...

" Love is not just look at each other, it's look at together in the same way ... "

                                                                           - A. de St Exupery -

How is it going ?

- First of all, tell me your story.

I meet you with Skype or by mail. the most important thing for me is to know you, to know what you do, your hobbies, to know your personnalities, and to know why you are going to marry.

- Am I still available for this date ?

Book together our date, I send you a contract by mail, and you will take time to choose your options, at home.

- Pre production meeting.

You have booked me, let's talk about your wedding, what you are going to do this day, time, locations, venue, and what do you expect about our futur film...

- D day

D day is here. Don't worry about me. For 10 years, couples trust me for their films. Together, we have checked your planning, the most important points for you, your specials guests ... So don't worry, you will enjoy your day from preps to dancefloor ! 

- I deliver the film within 3 or 4 months.

Yous will receive your film online and in a special box, with usb stick inside. You will be able to watch your wonderful day and feel again and again your emotions.

What I deliver

- 5min wedding clip (HD)

- Documenary film

- custom usb box.

- 3 or 4 months delivery

- drone

- special entrance of bride and groom in video

- save the date

- pre wedding shooting

- full ceremony and speeches

- raw files

{ Elopement }

{ Renouvelement de voeux }

{ Destination Wedding }

Special wedding ?

Contact me for a special package.

What they think ...

Some messages after watching their films.